New AI Robot Toy With VR and Object Recognition

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Kickstarter AI Robot Toy In Time For Christmas.

Sometimes I wish I was a kid again. Some of the best Christmas that I remember involved Hot-wheels cars and tracks. Later it was chemistry sets and electronics experimental kits. Today we have real fighting AI robots toys that feature virtual reality interfaces! Unbelievable!

Just in time for the U.S. thanksgiving buying season, an enterprising company is offering on the crowd funding site Kickstarter a robot toy like no other. It is called the GEIO and at it’;s heart is artificial intelligence software with a virtual reality interface that runs on a smart phone.

AI robot toy incorporates augmented reality as the interface to your smart phone

AI robot toy incorporates augmented reality as the interface to your smart phone

Using augmented reality on your smart phone app,you can fight robot battles with objects or other robots. There is a group mode that lets you fight in teams. The AR app shows the weapons fire as well as hits and kills for your opponents. This looks pretty cool to me and if the company wants to send me one to try, I would happily help them out. I have a few days to decide to contribute on Kick-Starter.

I have to wonder, how hard it would be to scale this toy up to be much larger and incorporate real weapons. This is the realm of DARPA of course, the secret research arm of the US military but really I have to wonder if they needed to spend billions on development. Maybe they should have simply hired these guys with the latest AI robot toy.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence developments are for sure going to change our very civilization. It may even force us to rethink what it means to be human and for sure challenge us to be better than the machines that we create.


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