Nvidia Announces the A.I. Supercomputer

The Latest A.I. Supercomputer.

Artificial Intelligence needs super fast energy efficient computers and one company is reacting to this need with a new line of processors. Both virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality, flourish with a super fast computer and for now we are limited to electron based information processing. Sure, to make computers even faster based on this tech requires parallel computing strategies and someway to deal with the waste heat.

Has Nvidia figured this out and is it the limit for now of an A.I. Supercomputer?

Announced by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang at the annual NIPS conference, TITAN V excels at computational processing for scientific simulation. Its 21.1 billion transistors deliver 110 teraflops of raw horsepower, 9x that of its predecessor, and extreme energy efficiency.

Inside the brain of an A.I. supercomputer

Inside the brain of an A.I. supercomputer

Huang said:

Our vision for Volta was to push the outer limits of high performance computing and AI. We broke new ground with its new processor architecture, instructions, numerical formats, memory architecture and processor links. With TITAN V, we are putting Volta into the hands of researchers and scientists all over the world. I can’t wait to see their breakthrough discoveries.

NVIDIA A.I. Supercomputer GPU Architecture, Now for the PC

TITAN V’s Volta architecture features a major redesign of the streaming multiprocessor that is at the center of the GPU. It doubles the energy efficiency of the previous generation Pascal™ design, enabling dramatic boosts in performance in the same power envelope.

New Tensor Cores designed specifically for deep learning deliver up to 9x higher peak teraflops. With independent parallel integer and floating-point data paths, Volta is also much more efficient on workloads with a mix of computation and addressing calculations. Its new combined L1 data cache and shared memory unit significantly improve performance while also simplifying programming.

Fabricated on a new TSMC 12-nanometer FFN high-performance manufacturing process customized for NVIDIA, TITAN V also incorporates Volta’s highly tuned 12GB HBM2 memory subsystem for advanced memory bandwidth utilization.

Free AI Software on NVIDIA GPU Cloud
TITAN V’s incredible power is ideal for developers who want to use their PCs to do work in AI, deep learning and high performance computing.

Users of TITAN V can gain immediate access to the latest GPU-optimized AI, deep learning and HPC software by signing up at no charge for an NVIDIA GPU Cloud account. This includes NVIDIA-optimized deep learning frameworks, third-party managed HPC applications, NVIDIA HPC visualization tools and the NVIDIA TensorRT™ inferencing optimizer.

Immediate Availability
TITAN V A.I. supercomputer is available to purchase today for $2,999 from the  in participating countries.

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Nvidia Announces the A.I. Supercomputer


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