Our Artificial Intelligence Future According To Jack Ma

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Thoughts On Our Artificial Intelligence Future.

Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction. It is real science and it is developing at a faster pace each year. There are many scientists and thought leaders that believe we are moving way to fast and without any real understanding of the risks. The first level of risk I would say is about jobs. What are people to do in a world where computers and robots do everything from driving our cars to doing our taxes? In fact how would everyone make a living?

The question of jobs in such a world is an important one, and with it what shifts in society can we expect? Can capitalism exist in a world where mankind is freed from doing almost all tasks?

Ma Yu other wise known as Jack Ma is the founder and CEO of Alibaba group and is known as a thought leader in the world of commerce and business. In this recent video he gives his thoughts on artificial intelligence through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

Why Do We Need An A.I. Future?

We owe self driving cars to artificial intelligence science and is part of our Artificial Intelligence Future

In the last 30 years we have make people work like machine in the next 30 years we will make machines work like people according to Jack. I am not sure I completely understand this statement but ok. His point is that people have wisdom and machines do not so we should have the confidence in ourselves that we will continue to control machines.

Jack may be underestimating the level to which A.I. may someday reach. A self aware machine may also have it’s own wisdom. This science is new and the development curve is expected to exponential so who knows where this can go.

Jack then goes on to talk about how artificial intelligence and robotics is changing how we should be educating our kids. However it is not clear what he means. If machines become better than us at math and science are we to ignore this in our schools and leave it to the machines? Or are we to double down and do a better job of teaching the basics?

Honestly he seems to ramble on and I doubt he has any real insight into the coming age of A.I. Sorry my opinion.



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