Rethinking The Connected Vehicle With Future Trends In Mind

The ever changing connected vehicle.

What percent of the time is your car actually in use? What is it doing the rest of the time? If you are like the rest of us your car sits parked somewhere 90 to 95 percent of the time. Surely technology can up with a way to make this a better investment for car owners!

So first lets think about the key technological trends in the play today. There is the move to electric vehicles for both performance and emissions. It may be that future vehicles will not use batteries to store energy. It could be fuel-cells with some kind of pump-able liquid fuel or super-capacitors but regardless the drive-trains are electric.

What able drivers, do vehicles need drivers? Artificial intelligence, fast efficiency computer processors and sensor technology is all coming together to prove that we do not need to be in the drivers seat. So no steering wheel and no need to drive. This means that soon for the 5 to 10 % of the time we are in car we will need something to do.

Make your car more connected today.

Make your car more connected today.

Another growing trend that we have technology to thank for is that companies are letting more of their workers, work remotely. From anywhere. It tends to be knowledge or management workers with special skills and with a requirement for a lot of travel. Have laptop and smart phone will travel. Cloud computing and VPN ( virtual private networks ) make connection with a laptop just like plugging into the corporate network from your office or cubicle. Thank god ,no more cubicles….

Let’s get back to the car of the future. Hopefully it is not just a new mobile cubicle. Without a steering wheel there should be lots of room inside and with a huge mechanical drivetrain it should be easy to design a new work-space that barely feels like it is mobile.


For such an office-car does it make sense to even own it? Office sharing could be a new Uber offering maybe provided they clean up their other problems.

There is one company that has rethought the car and the office to create project RedSpace the Office- Car for today. Lets take a look inside.

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Rethinking The Connected Vehicle With Future Trends In Mind

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