A Professional Robot Chef In Your Kitchen

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Here Comes The Robot Chef.

We have seen robots grow in popularity for manufacturing easily taking over increasingly complex tasks handling smaller and lighter parts. The latest generation of robots for the electronics industry are very capable of assembling and handling small components at very high speeds.

All of this development in the robot industry over the last two decades has led us to mechanical designs that are very flexible and possibly ready for domestic tasks. All that is needed is sufficient sensing of the world around us and some very smart programming. The autonomous vehicle industry relies on both of these things and the science is moving forward quickly.

What all this has led us too is that the technology is ready for tasks like taking over the cooking and cleaning of our homes kitchens. In fact with access to huge libraries of recipes and procedures, these robots should be able produce meals at the five star level. Imagine have a Michelin chef working in your home kitchen.

Artificial intelligence will someday give us kitchen chefs that are not only as good as any human but better. Restaurants may start to compete for the best new cyber chef.

This is area where Hansen Robotics is focusing on. The home professional robot chef. Kitchens of the future and even the appliances that are used will probably be very different. If it is only a robot that needs to access the refrigerator,and storage shelves does the kitchen need to change? Maybe.


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