Smart Drones Act More Like Birds Of Prey

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The Age Of The Smart Drone.

Up until now the industrial and commercial drone market has focused on using drones for photography and filming, mapping, surveying, spraying pesticides and more. However there is increasingly strong demand for drones to be able to directly perform specific “hands-on” operations.

Examples of these operations include the abilities to grasp and carry differently shaped cargo using its arms, to attach or join things,  to cut cables, to turn dials; to flick switches, to drop lifesaving buoys, and to retrieve hazardous materials. Drones must be able to perform a variety of operations at high altitudes, over long distances, and in places where it would be too dangerous for humans.

Prodrone makes unique custom drones

Prodrone makes unique custom smart drones

Companies like Walmart, Amazon and FedEx are seriously looking at using such drones to deliver packages to customers. I am not sure if having thousands of delivery drones flying over a city like New York is a great idea but for sure rural deliveries would be interesting provided there is sufficient range. In many parts of the U.S. where guns are a way of life, there may need to be some new laws put into place about shooting down drones that pass over your land. We all know how the US and the NRA feels about gun laws so this probably will not happen.

In order for multiple drones to be able operate it may be necessary for all of the drones to be aware of the location, direction, destination and speed of other drones in the area may be. Yes this is starting to sound more like a flock of drones or maybe swarm is a better word.

Taking this technology a step further since we like to make everything connected to the internet and we seem to believe the artificial intelligence makes all devices not just smarter but better. These drone swarms being self guided by using A.I. science may have the ability to deliver more packages in less time. Or for the Scifi fans out there it may be an opportunity for someone to hack this technology and use it against us. At the very least, enterprising thieves may try to hijack the shipments just like we see today where criminals follow the delivery trucks and steal the boxes right off the customers doorstep before they get home.

For the technical types such as engineers and technicians or want to be engineers/technicians this is really cool technology right? It looks like personal drones are here to stay and smart delivery drones are just around the corner.

In this case the company is Japanese and is named Prodrone.

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