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The World Does Not Need A Smart TV Spy.

The world of espionage and intrigue used to be the stuff of spy novels and movies. James Bond seemed to access to spy technology that only secret government organizations could afford to develop. Now internet connected devices have given us the smart watch, smart phone and smart television.

The computing power available in these now ordinary consumer products could not even be dreamed about when Ian Fleming was writing his famous spy novels.

However these smart devices are supposed to be using their smartness for the consumer, not the good of the company that made the device. We should not have to worry about a device manufacturer compiling data on our habits and using it to sell us new things or worse yet selling this information to a 3rd party. What if our government was using this data to stay in power?

Now The Smart TV Spy.

Is your television hacked into, so that the intelligence agencies can listen to your conversations? That’s the extraordinary suggestion in documents ,apparently from the CIA released by the organisation Wikileaks.

Manufacturers are scrambling to prove they are not in the wrong with this. Governments are worried that they may have lost a tool against the war on terror. The should not have had this tool to begin with. I love technology and huge TV’s as much as the next guy but I draw the line at privacy.

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