Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lecture #2

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Late last year, I did an article on a Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lecture that was free on You-tube. I found it interesting so I decided to put it out there and see if anyone else did. Well it turns out that this is a very popular video course on A.I. It seems like there are many prospective A.I. students out there.

It is no wonder why really. It is all about jobs and career opportunities. It is estimated that we have a current shortage of A.I. engineers in the world of hundreds of thousands. The best A.I. programmers are commanding salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars ( U.S.). Companies are desperate to find a way to include A.I. into almost every aspect of their businesses ( probably without even knowing why) plus with the internet of things ( IoT) coming on-line, there is a real need for programmers that can create A.I. algorithms.

A.I. programmers are also in demand in the field of cyber-security for commercial, industrial, government and military applications. Hackers of-course are also trying to recruit young,promising a.i. programmers to come over to the dark side. Hopefully the really talented ones will stay in the light. Just look at what is happening with BitCoin and the cyber-currency markets. Imagine what A.I. will do to this!

A.I. needs fast energy efficient computer power to survive and grow. Quantum computers like the ones being developed by IBM,Google and D-Wave may represent a step change in available computer power. Given this level of architecture who knows where A.I. can take us.

quantum computers in your garage making BitCoins

Would you not kill to have a pair of quantum computers in your garage making BitCoins?

There is no better school in the world for artificial intelligence than Stanford University ( ok other than Waterloo and MIT, or a hand full of others around the world ). Just look at some of the research they have been doing for autonomous divers and robots all using A.I.

Stanford Developed Robot Diver Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

Stanford Developed Robot Diver Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

Stanford also features the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for on-going research and teaching. Cool right!

Stanford University A.I. Lab

Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab

So if you made it all the through Stanford A.I. lecture #1 without getting confused and If you want to get a real grounding in cutting edge A.I. science here is lecture number 2.  Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Stanford A.I. Lecture 2 continues the discussion on the concept of representing words as numeric vectors and popular approaches to designing word vectors.

Natural language processing (NLP) deals with the key artificial intelligence technology of understanding complex human language communication.

This lecture series provides a thorough introduction to the cutting-edge research in deep learning applied to NLP, an approach that has recently obtained very high performance across many different NLP tasks including question answering and machine translation. It emphasizes how to implement, train, debug, visualize, and design neural network models, covering the main technologies of word vectors, feed-forward models, recurrent neural networks, recursive neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and recent models involving a memory component.

Source Stanford Artificial Intelligence Center

The cover picture is from the Stanford Human Robotics Lab

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