The Age Of The Construction Robot

Designing The Perfect Construction Robot.

In the US, the federal government has long debated the need to improve the nations infrastructure of roads and bridges ( don’t forget high speed internet or the lack of it.) Maybe in 2018 there will be some amount of investment pointed at this that is hoped to drive thousands of high paying construction jobs.

Construction jobs are very physical in nature and you often are required to work in hot and cold or even rainy days. These jobs do pay better than sale retail sales or serving food in a restaurant maybe because they tend to be more physically demanding. They can also be fairly repetitive. Does this sound familiar as a job that is ripe for automation?

Here some great books on the design and construction of your own robots.

In Japan researchers from The Chiba Institute for Technology have developed a robot that is made to automate the job of adding re bar to construction projects prior to pouring concrete. Here is the video of a proto-type in action.

With the advent of much faster computing power and artificial intelligence to allow such robots to improve their craft, it may be that no contractors will want to use real human workers?

So it looks like some of these projected high paying construction jobs may fall to the smart construction robots. You have to wonder if all of these mundane or hard jobs are going to be automated what is everyone going to do in the not so distant future?

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The Age Of The Construction Robot

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