TiVo Next Gen Platform With Voice Recognition

TiVo Next Gen – What Is Next For TiVo.

I don’t know about you but my TV entertainment habits have changed dramatically over the last few years. Since we live in the country and cable is not an option we used Direct TV over satellite dish and we picked packages that met our tastes. We may not have cable but we do have great DSL, so we soon discovered streaming.

Today we run, Netflicks, Amazon Prime and Hulu along with Youtube for news. Streaming is the way to go but what to use for storing video content? Tivo came out early in this market and they are still a dominant player with the word Tivo becoming a verb – to Tivo something. Well Tivo has announced something new, based off of a cloud service. The new platform promises to allow consumers to be able to combine streaming and cable and watch anything from anywhere. Also it is smart like their Bolt-Vox DVR with voice control.

It is called the TiVo Next-Gen Platform, which includes a full range of robust products to help operators stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving media landscape. This flexible, diversified portfolio of products is supported by a cloud-based, unified backend and powered by the ultimate entertainment user experience—one that is simple, smart, and elegant.

TiVo Next-Gen Platform is a future-proof solution that enables operators to effectively adapt to a rapidly changing market and emerging customer segments with a complete set of unified products and versatile deployment options across QAM, hybrid and IPTV. Powered by cloud services for rapid innovation, the platform delivers high feature velocity and gives providers the ability to anticipate and quickly address customer needs.

“Consumers face a fragmented, ever-changing media landscape as new services, content sources and devices continue to proliferate,” said Michael Hawkey, senior vice president and general manager, User Experience, TiVo.

Media companies are compelled to evolve. TiVo Next-Gen Platform is specifically designed to meet the consumer’s insatiable desire for entertainment while enabling operators to maintain market share and remain relevant amid growing competition.

With the cutting-edge Next-Gen Platform, users get the ultimate entertainment experience, including hyper-personalization, recommendations and voice control, as well as seamless integration of content across linear, over-the-top (OTT), on-demand and DVR platforms for multiscreen capabilities. This helps service providers reduce churn, drive customer engagement, stay ahead of the competition and own the customer experience by bringing calm to a world of increasing entertainment chaos.

“User experience defines the operator’s video services for consumers,” said Brett Sappington, senior director of research at Parks Associates.

Every pay-TV service and streaming video service is working to capture and maintain consumer attention in order to drive ongoing use and monetization. As a result, operators need a flexible platform that allows them to innovate rapidly and meet or surpass connected experiences offered elsewhere.

TiVo’s Next-Gen Platform allows providers to deliver content to customers where they want to watch it—including managed set-top-boxes such as Linux and Android TV as well as unmanaged bring-your-own devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, mobile and web. This helps operators capture and retain market segments while capitalizing on new monetization opportunities and business models.

For TiVo Next Gen developers:

Another key feature of the Next-Gen Platform is its versatile deployment options—from full IPTV to hybrid. The solution assists operators in their transition to IPTV by maintaining support for QAM deployments, while still offering a flexible migration path by addressing the capital expenditure, networking and rights constraints of the operator. The unified backend enables simplified operations and a consistent experience across an operator’s customer base.

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TiVo Next Gen Platform With Voice Recognition

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