Virtual Reality Content From Devious Technologies – Marble Land

Needed Great Virtual Reality Content.

I think that many consumers are intrigued by new virtual reality devices made by companies like Oculus, Microsoft , HP and others. The prices vary from less than $100 dollars to almost $3000 for a high powered professional set. How do consumers really know which sets to purchase since in many cases they are not sure what they are going to use it for.

Since there is no real standard protocol for VR software or content that works on one machine may not work on the others. It really is consumer beware.

VR hardware needs great virtual reality content or applications to be really fun and useful. Where do consumers go to find this VR content for their brand new VR headsets? Does it even exist. Sure it does and here is one place to get some great VR games. The developer is a new company named Devious technologies which is a great name for a virtual reality developer right?

The very first VR game released from Devious is called ” Marble land”.

VR games that take into a different world

VR games that take into a different world

Marble Land is a physics-based puzzle game that was designed primarily for Virtual Reality. The objective is to guide the blue marble into the green target area by using various contraptions scattered across the level.

Compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR. Controllers are supported, but not required. Soon we will start to see a lot more great virtual reality content from Devious and other developers.

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Virtual Reality Content From Devious Technologies – Marble Land

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