Virtual Reality Holograms Changing Perceptions

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Virtual Reality Holograms – The stuff of Science Fiction.

Holograms used to be the stuff of science fiction but like artificial intelligence it is become real science really quickly. Virtual reality glasses and headsets may be the new cell phones of tomorrow but they are here today. 3d objects in a VR world allows reality itself to become suspect.

Take a journey into the future today to get a glimpse of how our perception of the world is about to change. VR holograms create a world like no other.

Virtual reality holograms may change our perception of the world

Alex Kipman wants to create a new reality, one that puts people, not devices, at the center of everything. With HoloLens, the first fully untethered holographic computer, Kipman brings 3D holograms into the real world, enhancing our perceptions so that we can touch and feel digital content.

In this magical demo, explore a future without screens, where technology has the power to transport us to worlds beyond our own. Use your imagination to project how virtual reality holograms technology can and will be used, good and bad.

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