World’s First Design For A Silicon Quantum Chip

The world is waiting for a working quantum computer that does not cost the moon or use all the energy in the room. Quantum computing is seen as the holy grail of high speed computing and possible the only way some of our biggest problems will ever be solved.

It may also open a Pandora’s box for cyber-security. While quantum computers speeds will let designers come up with better security systems it also allow hackers to crack even the most complicated security. Like today there will be a cyber war just at a different speed.

A re-imagining of a modern computer chip by Australian engineers shows how a quantum chip computer can be manufactured – using mostly standard silicon components. If successful we may see quantum computers come on the market and be capable of speeds 100 million times that of the laptop I am writing this article on!

Qubits trigger a silicon gate on a quantum chip design

It’s long been the holy grail, but a devilish difficult ambition to even contemplate: how to integrate quantum interactions into a working computer design. Now UNSW engineers believe they have cracked the problem, re-imagining the modern semiconductor to create the world’s first complete design for quantum chip and using mostly standard industry components.

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World’s First Design For A Silicon Quantum Chip

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